About us

Family Wendl

We love to discover and walk new paths – whether this is in nature or in the mountains, in business or in planning our future.

Our gifts and passions are different and yet aim to achieve the same: to discover potentials and to develop them to unimaginable possibilities and heights.

Christine’s passion is to develop the potentials in people and Christoph’s in real estate and investment opportunities.

For over 25 years Christoph has been participating as a shareholder in his own family companies. Starting his professional career in the international finance sector of the Bavarian state bank (Bayern LB) he then worked for over 15 years at companies such as Hannover Leasing, Real I.S. and Wealthcore where he initiated and managed several real estate investment products as well as lead the investment committee of Real I.S. and Wealthcore.

Besides her function as partner in the Sunaccess Holding company, Christine is founder of BIG Vision Leadership where she brings her expertise, passion and consultancy to leadership and culture development. A trainer, speaker and consultant, Christine loves the human measure of things, growing values- and mission-driven leaders and empowering people to initiate transformation in themselves and the world around them.

As a German- Canadian she is strongly rooted in both nations and loves untouched nature and internationality. As a family they share the vision to be a bridge for both countries and to create access to a live of freedom and new opportunities for themselves and others. Christine and Christoph’s mission is fueled by the motivation to live their lives and entrepreneurship with a heart of generosity, authenticity, pioneer thinking and empathy every day.

To find out more about Christine Wendl: www.christinewendl.com

Vision and Values

The group of companies has been living their values for over 45 years

  • Transparency, integrity and trust
  • A passion for real estate
  • Excellence in implementation and detail

We care for relationships. Whether this is in our own team, with our service providers or in nurturing the partnerships with other family offices – we build on honest and sustainable relationships.

Our vision is to create access to specialty markets and products with above average increases in value thereby establishing new and unimagined opportunities. At the core of this we want to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients, partners, investors and service providers through the way we conduct our work daily.